History: Dates & venues of Lifestyles Conventions, 1973-2013

1973 – Riverside, CA, Ranch adjacent to UCR
1974 – TBA
1975 – Anaheim, CA
1976 - TBA
1977 - Pacifica Hotel, Culver City, CA
1978 – Pacifica Hotel, Culver City, CA
1979 – Pacifica Hotel, Culver city, CA
1980 – San Francisco Airport Hilton Hotel
1981 - TBA
1982 - NASCA International Convention
                NASCON 1982 - Pacifica Hotel, Culver city, CA

1983 – Los Angeles Airport Sheraton Hotel
1984 - Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
1985 - Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
1986 - Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas with NASCON
1987 First of Lifestyles Couples Conventions
                Couples ’87, Ramada Inn at Six Flags, St. Louis, MO.

1987 - Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
1987 – NASCON, Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
1988 - Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas with NASCON
1989 – Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas with
1990 – Hacienda Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
1991 - Second of Lifestyles Couples Conventions
               Couples ’91, Stouffer Esmeralda Resort,  Indian Wells, CA

our history as the lifestyle leader

History: Partial List of presenters in 34 years of
the annual lifestyles conventions

1991 – Town & Country Hotel, San Diego

1992 Third of Lifestyles Couples Conventions
                 Couples ’92, Industry Hills & Sheraton Resort, City of Industry, CA

1992 – Los Angeles Airport Hilton & Towers
1993 – Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
1994 - Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
1995 - Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
1996 – Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
1997 – Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA
1998 – Tropicana Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
2000 – Reno Hilton, Reno, NV
2001 – Tropicana Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
2002 - Lifestyles East ‘02, Radisson Deauville Resort Hotel, Miami, FL
2002 – Reno Hilton Hotel, Reno, NV
2003 – Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
2003 - Lifestyles East ‘03 – Radisson Deauville Resort Hotel, Miami, FL
2004 - 1st International Convention
                Fairmont Acapulco Princess, Acapulco, Mexico
2005 – Stardust Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
2007 – Tuscany Suites & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

2013 - Lifestyles and Exchange 2013

A. Billy S. Jones – Columbia, MD
A. Morris, M.D. – Family Practice and Emergency Medicine
Aalsa Lee – Sex Surrogate; Sandstone Board of Directors
Adalbert Vajay, M.D., Ph.D. – New York, NY 
Adam & Ruth Fernandez – Circle S Ranch, Pleasant Hill, CA
Adele Hartley
Al & Pat – Club Kama Sutra, Philadelphia, PA
Al Krasner, Ph.D. – Director of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy,
    Santa Ana, CA
Al Morris, Ph.D.  – Radio & TV Talk Show Host
Alacia Snelen, M.A.
Alain Bouchard – Psychologist, Montreal
Alan Nixen, Esq  - Riverside, CA
Albert Z. Freedman, Ph.D.  - Editor, Penthouse Forum Magazine, New York, NY
Alex Benedetti - Rebirther
Alexander Gluskin, Ph.D. – Center For Human Freedom and Sexuality, Toronto,
Alice Eldred, M.F.C.T. – Relationship Counselor
Alvin E. Powell, Sr., M.S.E.E.
Alvin Harper, M.A. – Founder, Men’s Reproductive Health Clinic, Stanislas
    County Department of Public Health
Anastas Harris, Ph.D. – Relationship Counseling
Andrezna Mortchewski, Ph.D. (Russian Equivalent)
Andy Le Page, M.A., M.Div. – LePage, IA
Andy Steiner - Threshold
Angelina Spencer, AskAngelina.com
Anita Banker, M.A. , M.F.C.C. – Co-director of the Self Image Center
Anita E. Pearlmutte, M.A.
Ann Carlisle, Ph.D.
Anna Gluskin, M.Sc - Center For Human Freedom and Sexuality, Toronto, Canada
Anne Carlisle, Ph.D. – Community College, FL
April Rogers – Art Teacher
Arcane & Jasmine – Club Iniquity, San Francisco
Ariene Weber – Vancouver, WA
Arno Karlen – Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University; Executive
    Editor of Penthouse/Viva
Art Tarlow, M.A. – VOCAL (Victim of Child Abuse legislation)
Avis Dumas – University of Southern California
Avra Kaufman, Ph.D. – Androgeny Center, San Diego, CA
B.J. & V.K. Brandenburg – B.J. is a TV and radio personality
Barbara Adams – Coastline Community College, Fountain Valley, CA
Barbara Craig – Family Synergy
Barbara Foster, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Hunter College, NY; Author of
    Confessions of a Village Slut
Barbara M. Rila, M.S.W.
Barbara R. Wright, R.N.
Barbara Roberts, MSW, ACSW – Center for Social and Sensory Learning, Los
    Angeles, CA
Barbara Watson, Ph.D.
Barbie – BlondFlasher.com
Barbie Taylor, Ph.D. – Center for Personal Development, Irvine, CA
Barry Dank – Sociologist, California State University, Long Beach, CA
Barry Singer, Ph.D. – California State University, Long Beach; Co-founder
    Journal of Alternative Lifestyles
Bassia Loebel – Writer, Poet, Linguist
Belinda Clements – Co-Founder of Ecclesia, Laguna Beach, CA
Bernadette McNulty – IMPACT Enterprises
Bess  McCarthy – Holistic Health Practitioner
Betty Burnett – Western Regional Coordinator of Mothers Without Custody
Betty Dodson – Artist; Author, Selflove and Orgasm
Beverly Schwartz – Club WideWorld, Anaheim, CA
Bill & Shirley Williams – Fantasy North, Boise, ID
Bill Baird – Activist for the right of women to make their own reproductive
Bill Paris, M.A. – Liberated Christians Fellowship Group, Phoenix, AZ
Bill Sine – The Society of Janus
Billy S. Jones – Columbia, M.D.
Bob & Nancy Adler, Miami. FL 
Bob & Pam Lowe
Bob & Sandy – Our Retreat, Allentown, PA
Bob Berkowitz – Former CNN White House Correspondent, Host of TV show Real
Bob Cone, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon
Bob Davies, M.A. – Former Coach of Calif. State University Fullerton’s football
    team; lecturer on coaching
Bob Kuntz
Bob Miller – Family Synergy
Bob Patterson-Rogers
Bob Rideout – Speaker on Physical Fitness
Bob sandhoff – Bob & Sharon’s Swing Club, Tustin, CA
Bob Tremont – Pacific Northwest Connection Magazine
Bob Walton – Elite Social Club, Albuquerque, NM
Bobby Lilly – Chair, CAL-ACT; Feminist
Bobert Balch, Ph.D.
Bobi  Shandrew – Playhouse I, Miramar, FL
Bonnie Gabriel, M.A.
Bonnie Gibson - Dentist
Bonnie Hunt – Human Factors Specialist
Brenda Love – Writer, Lecturer on Unusual Sex Practices
Brian Gitt
Brian Herwood
Brian Kleiner, Ph.D. – California State University, Fullerton, CA
Brian Miller – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Bright Ryan – Wicked Chamber
Bruce & Marilyn Chambers – CY Club, New Westminister
Bruce & Meryl –C-Y Club, New Westminster, BC
Bruce Johnson – Marriage and Family Counselor
Bruce Langford, M.A.
Bruce Snyder, B.S. - Forerunners
Bruce Spring, M.D. – Holistic Physician
Bunni Tobias, Ph.D. (Sunny Summers)
Burt Dubin – President, Personal Achievement Institute, Santa Monica, CA
C. Les Eargle, Jr., M.D. – Long Beach, CA
C.W. Lee, Ph.D.  – Researcher
Candace Kurstin, Ph.D.
Carl & Connie – The Original Circles of the Northwest, Kent, WA
Carla A. Soutar – The Erogenous Zone Boutique
Carla Tarantola – Teacher of Tantra
Carlos Penafiel – Doctor of Nutritional Medicine
Carmine & Hester Tuozzo – Couple Communication Training
Carol Judd
Carol Peterson – Silver Chain Dance Club, Minneapolis, MN
Carol Pharo
Carol Queen – Writer, Speaker, Educator in expanding woman’s possibilities
Carol Rinkleib Ellison, Ph.D. – Author, Woman’s Sexualities: Generations of
    Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance
Carol Roberts
Carol Wells, R.N.,C.S.T., M.F.C.C. – Long Beach, CA
Catherine Seider, B.S.
Cathy Burack - Witchita State University, Kansas
Cathy Case – Bicycle Club
Cathy Gardner – Club WideWorld
Charles Moser, M.D., Ph.D.
Charles Mundorff
Charles Smith – Teacher of Physics & Dynamics
Cheryl Berger – Silver Chain Dance Club
Cheryl Solomon – Massage Therapist
Chris Barnard, B.S. – Sunrider International
Chris Kelly – Director, Robert Bane Editions
Chris Rogers
Chris Secilia – Long Beach, CA
Christi Campbell – Entertainer
Christina Sophia - Dancer
Christopher Ryan, Ph.D.
Chuck Kramer, M.A. - Kramer Group, Inc.
Chuck Lee, Ph.D. - Retired Professor of Business Administration, California
    State University
Chuck Ryan, Esq.
Clark & Jean Ross – Nu ERA
Clyde DeWitt, J.D.  - Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Colin Watson, Ph.D.
Conway Dabney, M.D.
Cookie Bakke – Journalist, Member of MENSA
Corinne Peachment, Med – Author, Feed Your Need
Corky & Gracey Ra – Salt Lake City, UT
Corryanna Clarke - Certified Tantra Therapist
Cosi Fabian – Historical Scholar
Curryanna Clarke – Certified tantra Therapist
Curtis Booraem, Ph.D. – U.C.I. Medical School, Irvine, CA; Chapman College,
    Orange, CA
Cyndi Wideman
Dale Cummings, MFCC – Radix Institute, Santa Monica, CA
Dan & Cathy Gardner
Dan Gumbleton, M.S.W.  - Family Counseling, Riverside, CA
Daniel & Shelly Carey – Alternative Travel
Danny Aaronson, Esq. - First Amendment Attorney
Dante Amore – Paradise Electro Stimulations
Dave & Jean Butler - Club L’Sota, Cedar Rapids, IA
Dave & Rita Butler – Club L’Sota, Cedar Rapids, IA
Dave Buchanan
Dave Hutchison, CPA – Co-Founder, Liberated Christians
David & Margot Tepperman, LCSW – Counselors in Alternative Lifestyles
David Alexander  - Editor, The Humanist Magazine; Writer; Entertainer
David Aronson, Ph.D. – Excellence Unlimited
David Bergland, Esq. – National Chairman, Libertarian Party; Former Candidate
    for U.S. President
David Chow – The House of David, Oakland, CA
David Coleman & Nancy McCusker – Sex Counselors, Massage Practitioners
David Frakes - Host, Club WideWorld
David G. Arien, M.D. – Founder, Bluegrass Socials
David L. Lampert – Developer of the Sybian
David Lourea  - The Bisexual Center, San Francisco, CA
David Love Smith – Life Extension Actualization Foundation
David P. Drechsler, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
David Pettus – More University, Sexual Counseling Facility
David Shade, M.A. 
David Smith – Founder and Director, Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic
David Steinberg - Writer, Editor and Sex Activist
David Wasserman, L.D. – Member of the 1st Amendment Lawyers Association
Dean G. Peterson, M.D. – Las Vegas, NV
Dean Hyatt, Esq – Mission Viejo, CA
Debbie Baker – Lifestyles Tours & Travel
Debbis Tideman – Author, The X-Spot One Hour Orgasm
Deborah Anapol, Ph.D. – Author of Love Without Limits
Deborah Erickson, aka Lady Yin – S/M Writer
Deborah Sundahl – Publisher of On Our Backs, A Lesbian sex magazine
Deborah Warner, M.A. – Writer of Romance Fiction
Deena Luce – Owner & Hostess, The Forum
Del & Bobi – Playhouse I, Miramar, FL
Delmar Bunn – Newport Beach, CA
Delores Reimer – Actress, Spiritual Channel
Dennis Craig Smith – Writer, Author of The Naked Child
Dennis Sobin, Ph.D. & Eleanor - Writer, Activists, Cable TV Producers 
Dhyan Jeffre
Dhyan Somraj – Certified SkyDancer
Diana Davidge – Diana’s Fashions
Diana Palazzolo
Diana Pharo – Writer, Las Vegas
Diana Strickland – Publisher
Diana Tucker – Publisher, New Friends Magazine
Diana Wiley, Ph.D.
Diane Greenberg – Executive Editor of Hustler’s magazine Taboo
Diane Mowrey – University of California, Riverside
Diane Vaughn, Ph.D. – Ohio State University
Dianna Wiley, Ph.D.  - Sex Therapist
Dianne Bloom – University of California, Riverside
Dick Dodge – Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Counselor
Dick La Riviere - Joie de Vivre Club, Land O’ Lakes, FL
Dick Peacock, Professor – Author of Learning to Leave and The Art of Movie
Dick Zinkin, M.D. – Video Productions
Dmitri E. Ville
Don Byrd – Artist, Art Teacher
Don Crestle – Writer, Chicago, IL
Don Hollywood & Brooke Hunter - Adult Video Stars
Don Hughes – Internet Web Developer
Don Hughes – The Underground, New York, NY
Don Perkins – Comedian & Hypnotist
Donald Cripe, M.A., J.D.
Donald E. Miller- Faculty of School of Religion, University of Southern
Donald Etkes, Ph.D. – Author, Loving Passion: Your Guide to the Joy of Sexual
Donna Davis – President, Lovejoy Enterprises, Inc.
Donna Moore – Owner, Mor2Luv Dating Service
Donna Paterson-Mocny
Donna Violet - Rebirther
Dorrie Lane – Videographer, Producer of Safe Sex Shows
Douglas Gutknecht – University of California, Riverside
Dwight Dixon, JD, Ph.D. - Sexologist
Ed Lange – Behavorial Scientist, Founder and Director, the Elysium Institute
Ed Vaughn
Edgar W. Butler, Ph.D.  – Prof. of Sociology, University of California,
Edith Eva Eger, Ph.D. – Department of Psychiatry at Texas tech Medical School
Edward Brecher – Author of The Sex Researchers
Edward Fernandes – Adjunct Professor at a North Carolina University
Eileen A. Baumann, Ph.D. – California State University, Los Angeles
Elaine Leass – Publisher, Rocky Mountain Oyster
Ellen Clare, M.A.
Elliott Leighton – The Boumain Institute
Ellis Gold, B.S. - Sandstone
Eloise Ungerova – Celestial Dancer
Empress Rhea - Psychologist
Ena & John Barber – Calgary Circles Club, Canada
Erika Pluhar, Ph.D. – Co-Author, Sexual Etiquette 101
Eugene Burt, Ph.D.  - Professor and research in Art History
Eugene E. Levitt, Ph.D. - Director Section of Psychology, Indiana University
    School of Medicine
Fanny Gordon
Fir Emmanuel - Kerista Village, San Francisco
Floyd Hurt – President of Probe Inc.
Francoise Ginsberg, Ph.D.
Frank & Jennifer Lomas – The Lifestyles Organization
Frank and Jennifer Lomas - P.C. Group in Orange County, CA
Frank Darnell, Ph.D. – California State University, Sacramento
Frank DeGregorio, M.D. – Assistant Professor, UCLA School of Medicine
Frank Genco - Certified Master Hypnotist, Long Beach, CA
Fred & Sandee Allen  - Almost Heaven Sailing Charter
Fred Allen – Fantasy Sailing Charter, FL
Fred Talisman, M.F.C.C.
Fred Weaver III, M.D. – Director, Androgyny Research Institute, Los Angeles
Frederic Bien, Ph.D.
Frederick N. Meeker, Ph.D. – Professor of Psychology, California Polytechnic
    University, Pomona CA
Fredric Hayward, M.A., M.A.I.D. – Director and founder of Men’s Rights, Inc.
Fritz Bernard, Ph.D. – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fritzi Berkowitz – Family Synergy
Gail Clark – Workshop Leader at Sandstone, Elysium Institute, Family Synergy &
    Assoc. For Humanistic Psychology
Garry Good, M.D.
Gary Davidson
Gary L. Hansen, Ph.D. – Iowa State University
Gary Reinhardt
Gary Reinschild, M.D.
Gary Rosenfeld, Ph.D. - Marriage and Family Therapist
Gary Schubach, Ed.D., IASHS
Gary Steele, Ph.D.  - University of California, Los Angeles
Gayle & Sid Harrawood – E.S.P. Inc.
Genevieve G. Marcus, M.A., Ph.D. – Co-author, The Liberated Couple: Seeking
    Equality and Balance of Power in the Intimate Relationship
George & Carol Peterson – Silver Chain, Bloomington, MN
George Murphy - Radio & TV Talk Show Host
George Siegel - Photographer
Georgeann Wright
Geraldine T. McGinley – Co-founder Club WideWorld;  Executive Secretary, annual
    Lifestyles Convention
Gerri Conley – Certified Massage Therapist
Gerrie Blum – The Utopian Network
Gilda Harper
Gina Graham Scott, Ph.D. – Author of Erotic Power, The Magicians and others
Gisela Woggon, M.A.
Gladys K. Conrad, M.D.
Glen E. Hagen – Crescent City Couples Club, New Orleans
Glenda Edwards
Glenda Rene Jones, Ph.D. – Chairperson, The International Alliance
Glenn & Connie – Crescent City Social Club, New Orleans, Louisiana
Gloria Leonard – Publisher High Society Magazine, Actress
Gloria Richfield – Marriage, Family & Child Counselor
Glory Goddess – Keepsake Bronze Works; Executive Director of People Exchanging
    Power (PEP)
Gordon Clanton, Ph.D. – Author of Face To Face To Face and Jealousy
Graham Collins – Comic, Canada
Gregory & Barbara Adrian
Gregory Mitchell – Neurolinguistic Programming
Gretchen Notz-Stelzer
Hal Charnofsky – California State College, Dominguez Hills
Hal Minor – Sex Educator and Therapist, Fellow of The American Academy of
    Clinical Sexologists
Hal Thomas, Ph.D. – Writer
Hans Sebald, Ph.D. – Professor of Sociology, Arizona State University
Hap Hathaway – President, Western Sunbathing Association
Harold Greenwald, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of
    California, San Diego
Harvey Webber – Professional Cameraman/Cinematographer
Heather Firth – Sedona, AZ
Helaine Harris, M.A., M.F.C.C.
Helen Colton, Sc.D.  – West Coast Editor of Forum Magazine
Helen Dale – Co-leads sex workshops with husband, Stan Dale
Helen Duncan Vaughn
Herb Seal - Adelaide, Australia
Herbert A. Otto, Ph.D. – National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential
Hiroshi Tanaka – Editor SWING Magazine, Tokyo, Japan
Hue Chandler
Hugh Wallace, Ph.D. – Marriage and Family Therapist
Hy Levy –Family Synergy
Ian & Danielle
Ian Seidler
Ina Laughing Wind, M.A., M.F.C.C. – Quodouska Spiritual Sexuality Workshops
Inge Davidson, Rev – Sherman Oaks, CA
Irena Shannon
Iris Feldman – IDEA Certified Exercise Specialist
Irv Case, Ph.D.
Irving Lewis, Ph.D.
Israel Unterman, D.B.A. – San Diego State University
J. David-Peter Murphy, Ph.D. – Director, Centre for Intense Internal
    Transformational Therapy
J. E. Paul Breton, Rev. – Metropolitan Community Church, Hermosa Beach, CA
Jack Artz, Esq. - Heart and Soul House Relationship Center
Jack Lambie, ME.d, M.S.
Jackie Davidson – Director, Elysium Research and Development
Jacqueline Reece, B.S.
James & Mary Trafford – Chicago PM Club
James Adams – Founder of Free Clinic, Laguna Beach, CA
James B. Boulden – Interperson Support Network, San Francisco
James Gibbons – Human Sexuality Center of Southern California
James Heimberg
James Herriot, Ph.D.
James Mathews, Ph.D. (Criminology) – Former Police Officer
James T. Richardson, Ph.D. – University of Nevada at Reno
James Thompson, CPT – Physical Therapist, Key West, FL
James W. McNeil – Author, Ancient Love Making Secrets
James Y. Lin, Ph.D. – Specialist in Behavior Medicine
Jan Kreittle – Original Circles swing club
Jan Queen, B.A., C.T.C. – Manager, Lifestyles Tours & Travel; Vice President,
    LSO, Ltd.
Jan Thomis, B.S. – Managing Director, Winston Tate
Jane Totman, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. – Associate Professor, California State
    Polytechnic University
Janet Wayne, R.N.
Janice Baylis, Ph.D. – Author, Sex, Symbol and Dreams
Jay Becker, Esq – Los Angeles, CA
Jay West – Commercial Pilot
Jay Wiseman – Author, SM 101: A Realistic Introduction
Jean Henry, Ph.D.
Jean Veevers – Professor of Sociology, University of Western Ontario
Jeanette Zinkin (Mistress Antoinette) – Publisher, Reflections
Jeanne Ryan
Jeannie Brayman - Writer
Jed Barish – Businessman
Jeff & Kris Booth – Authors of Jeff and Kris’ Guide to Erotic Games
Jeff Selth – Family Synergy; Writer & Publisher
Jefferson Freedom – Co-Founder, Sexual Freedom League
Jeffre Talltrees, Ph.D.
Jennifer McFarland
Jenny Friend, MS – Director of Education & Research, The Lifestyles Organization
Jenny Lee – President, Exotic Dancers League of America
Jerry Gillies – Journalist, author of Moneylove
Jerry Meints, Ph.D. – Chapman College, Orange, CA
Jeru Trump – Erotic/Exotic Photographer
Jess Dines – Certified Graphologist
Jessica Jordan, B.A.
Jessie Hill-Barnes – Master Hypnotist
Jessie Potter, Ph.D. – Director of the National Institute for Human
    Relationships.  Chicago, IL
Jim & Jan Kreitle – Co-founders of the Original Circles of the Northwest
Jim & Mary Trafford – Chicago Playmates, Chicago, IL
Jim Boyd – Author and Journalist, Founder of The Hung Jury dating club
Jim D’Amato, B.S., Dietary Counseling Certificate – Director, Sunrider
Jim Flanagan, M.A. – T.A. Enterprises, Ltd.
Jim Herren
Jim Heynemann, Ph.D.
Jim Kuhns – Massage Technician and Emotional Release Facilitator
Jim Lightner, M.S.
Jim Presnal
Jim Schroeder, MD
Jim Thompson – Sex Researcher and  Couples Counselor, Key West Tantra Institute
Jim Trafford - Playmate Parties, Chicago, IL
Jin Herriot, Ph.D.
Joan Conti – Coordinator of HEAD; Editor, Exchange Sociology Newsletter
Joan Fimbel DiGiovanni, Ph.D. – Western New England College
Joan K. Dixon, Ph.D. – Sexologist
Joan L. Nelson – Institute for Study of Social Behavior, Corte Madera, CA
Joan Robinson 
Joani Blank, M.A., MFCC, MPH – Founder of Good Vibrations
Jody Sharratt, R.N. – Dine Out Social Club, Oklahoma City, OK
Jody Yeary, M.A. – Member of Substance Abuse and Sexual Concerns Project
Joe Feinstein, M.F.C.C.
Joe King, B.A. – Fire and Labor Consultant
Joe Panganiban
Joe Phillippe, DDS
Joe Wiseman, M.A. – Consultant, 900 Telephone Programs
John & Carmen Major – Phoenix, AZ
John & HoneyBear Rivers – Owners of Creatures of the Night Swing Club
John & Leslie Linfield – Owners of the Black Key CDlub, LLC, RI
John & Lynn Borman – The Bicycle Club
John Buffum, Pharm.D. – Clinical Pharmacologist, San Francisco VA Hospital
John Ely, Ph.D. – Research Faculty, University of Washington
John Hill, M.A. – Teacher of Tantra; Publisher of Sacred Loveletter
John Kaye – PAJK Club, St. Louis, MO
John M. Musser, Psy.D.
John Pardeck, Ph.D. – Tulane University
John Robertson – Newport Beach, CA
John Sorozak, M.F.C.C.
John Styn – Founder of Globalgasm
John Tierney
John Warren, Ph.D.
JoJo Hughes – The Underground, New York, NY
Jonathan Altman – The Healing Tao, San Diego
Jonelle S. Aeien, D.Ast. - Astrologist
Jonette Reese-Brotman – Wiccan Priestess; Member, Arthur Ford International
    Academy of Mediums
Jose Tres Palacios - Author
Joseph & Anita Panganiban – Disk Jockey Team
Joseph Mocny
Joseph N. Feinstein – Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Sherman Oaks, CA
Joseph Skala, M.D., Ph.D.  – Professor of Medicine, Canada
Joy Taufer – Marriage and Family Therapist
Joyce Levy
Joyce Patterson-Rogers - MENSA
Judith Huffman Seifer, RN, Ph.D.  - Adjunct Professor Psychology and Human
Judith Kurylak
Judy Knoll – Writer, Author
Judy Link – The Dating Expert
Julia Clark - Minister
June Ramsey, Ph.D. 
Justine Hill, Ph.D. – Santa Monica, CA
Karen Engebretsen-Larash, Psy.D.
Karen Gless, BS in Nursing, M.A., Ph.D. (psychology) – Alona Sex & Relationship
    Center, San Diego
Kat Sunlove – Publisher
Kathryn Grosz, M.A. – NSS Seminars
Kathryn Roberts, M.A. – Founder and President of National Sexuality Seminars
Kathy Kennedy, Editor, Connection Magazine

Kay Parker – Adult Film Actress
Keith Henry, M.D., Minneapolis, MN
Kelly G’Raffe – Porn Actress
Ken & Barbie
Ken Atchity, Ph.D. – Film Producer; Editor of quarterly Dreamworks
Ken Haslam, M.D. 
Kenji Kanasaka – Photojournalist, Tokyo, Japan
Kenn & Lin Hindus – Lin & Ken Swing Club, Oakland, CA
Kenneth & Pamela Billburg
Kenneth Davidson, Sr., Ph.D. – Chair, Sociology Dept., University of Wisconsin
Kenneth M. Hindus – Ken & Lin’s Swing Club, Oakland, CA
Kenneth Petrello, B.S., J.D.
Kenneth Ray Stubbs – Co-author Romantic Interludes, German Edition of Penthouse
Kerri Downs - Porn Actress; Editor of Nightmoves Magazine
Kevin Dailey – Certified Personal Trainer
Kimberly Heart, M.A., M.F.C.T.; Host of radio show Take It To Heart
Kitti Watkins – Mutual Admiration Society, Costa Mesa, CA
Kristi Rae Bracken
Kurt Mueller, M.A. – Mueller & Associates
L.O. Anderson – Anderson Research Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Lady Green – Author, The Complete Spanker and The Sexually Dominant Woman
Lana Clark, Ph.D. , L.C.S.W.
Lance S. Wright, M.D. – Psychiatrist specializing in Child Psychiatry
Larisa Montero - Publisher
Larry Becker – Tantra, More University, The Human Awareness Institute
Larry Davis, M.D.
Larry Flynt – Publisher, Hustler Magazine
Larry Host – Software Programmer
Larry L. Constantine, Ph.D. – School of medicine, Tuffs University, MA
Larry Sneden, Ph.D. – California State University, Northridge, CA
Larry Tarbell, B.S. – Investment Counselor and Financial Planner
Laud Humpreys – Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
Laura Fireman – Laguna Beach, CA
Laura Schlessinger, Ed.D. – University of Southern California, KWIZ Radio Talk
    Show Host
Laurence Schwab, Ph.D.
Laurie Levy – Family Synergy, Los Angeles
Lawrence Klar, Ph.D. – Board of Genoates, Inc.
Lawrence Walters, Esq. – 1st Amendment attorney
Leah Holtzman – Rebirther, San Francisco, CA
Leanna Wolfe, M.A. – El Camino College; Author, America’s Fidelity Crisis
Lee Fitzgerald, M.F.C.C.
Lee Reece, B.A., M.A.
Lee Yarbrough – CEO, P.W.T. Productions
Len Harris – Sex Surrogate, Rebirther
Len Miller – Editor, Gambling Times
Len Wayne – Writer and Humorologist
Lenore J. Weitzman, Ph.D. – University of California, Berkley
Les Eargle, M.D.
Les, Ph.D. & Cathy Case, M.S. – OrgyBrokers.net
Leslie Friedman, LMT
Lester A. Kirkendall, Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University
Lew Richfield – Marriage, Family & Child Counselor
Lewis Durham – Dean of Students and Faculty, The Institute for Advanced Study
    of Human Sexuality
Lewis H. Irving, Ph.D. – President, Oklahoma Division, Society for the
    Scientific Study of Sex
Lili Laksberger – Family Synergy
Lin and ken – Oakland, CA
Linda Abrams – Association of Libertarian Lawyers
Linda De Villers –Psychologist, Founder of Love Skills Programs
Linda E. Hoffman, M.Ed. – Indiana University, South Bend, IN
Linda Lee – Gemini Introductions, Milpitas, CA
Linda Savage – Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist
Linda Schreiber – Professional Dance Teacher
Lisa Akerman, R.N.
Lloyd Kirk – Gulf Coast Information Systems
Lloyd Levin – President, All Together, Inc., Chicago, IL
Lorelei Lash – Professional Dominatrix, San Francisco, CA
Loren Dunton – Author, Lecturer and Consultant in Management and marketing;
    Author “The Vintage Years”
Lori Sarvis, LCSW, CHT
Lori Sindt – LifeStyle Products; Wild Times Socials, MN
Lorraine Kirk, Ph.D. - Lifescript
Lou Filczer, J.D. – American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM), Chicago, IL
Lou Schreiber, M.B.A., M.S. -  Professor of Psychology, Los Angeles harbor
    College; Dance Teacher
Louellen Kearns
Louise-Andree Saulnier, Ph.D. Cand., IASHS – Co-author of Romantic Interludes,
    Penthouse Magazine (Germany)
Lucas & Larita Hopkins – More University
Luis & Theresa De La Cruz – Art Curators
Lyn Greenleaf - Astrologer
Lynn Hubschman, ACSW – Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia
M. Georgia Saunders – Golden Gate Girls/Guys (counseling and support for
    transvestites, transsexuals, and members of their families)
Mac Alexander MacDonald – The Life Enhancement Company
Mac Fry, M.A. – Human Awareness Institute
Madiera Turner – Produced and performed in over 3oo BD/SM Shows
Maeve Udell Fry
Mair Simone – Certified Sex Surrogate
Malcolm - Threshold
Malcolm Arnold
Marc Kraft B.S. Computer Science - Lifestyle On-Line BBS
Marci Javril – Performing Artist, Dancer
Marcia Lasswell – California Poly University
Marcia Rosenfeld – Marriage & Family Therapist
Marcus Jenkins – Neon Artist
Mare Simone - Certified Tantra Educator
Margo Rila, D.A. – The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality,
    San Francisco, CA
Maria Karrad – Photographer, Southern California
Marie Christensen – Paralegal, Former Playboy Bunny and Showgirl
Marie Jorgensen Brewer – California State University, Sonoma
Marilena Silbey & Paul Ramana Das – Editors of Loving Alternatives Magazine
Marilyn Fithian, M.A. - Center for Marital and Sexual Research, Long Beach, CA
Marisa Hamilton
Mark Edwards – Director of Marketing, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum,
    Buena Park, CA
Mark Ostrom, Ph.D.
Mark Poliner – Treasurer of Live the Dream, Los Angeles, CA
Mark Walter, M.D. 
Marla “Adele” Hartley – Editor of Adele’s Erotica and Swing Los Angeles
Marlene Martin
Marsha Lynn Sidwell, RN, CHT, Ed.D.
Martin Blinder, M.D. – Author, Choosing Lovers: Patterns of Romance, How You
    Select Partners in Intimacy, the Ways You Connect, and Why You Break Apart
Martin Firman – Tantra Yoga Teacher
Martin Levine, Ph.D. – New York University
Martin Weinberg, Ph.D. – Indiana University
Marty Firman, Esq.
Marvin A. Stone, M.D., J.D.
Marvin Colter, Ph.D.
Mary & Frederick Murchison-Edwards – Interracial Club of Buffalo
Mary Bychowski  - Bicycle Club
Mary Frakes, Ed.D. - Host, Club WideWorld, Anaheim CA
Mary Jane Herron, Ph.D. – Author of Contemporary School Psychology and S and M:
    Studies in Sadomasochism
Mary Talisman – Acupressure Practitioner
Mary Trafford – Chicago Playmates, Chicago, IL
Master Bon & Slave Pamela
Maureen McCall
Mayve Undell – Reiki Therapist
Mel Sager, B.S., LL.B., J.D.
Mervyn L. Mason, Ph.D. – Club Eros swing club, Toronto; Publisher and Editor
    of Mystique
Michael & Suzanne Fitzsimmons
Michael Blake - TV and Movie make Up Artist
Michael E. Perry, Ph.D. – Therapist, Encino, CA
Michael Friedman – President, School of Continuing of Real Estate Professionals
Michael Perring, M.D. – Medical Director of London Institute for the Study of
    Human Sexuality
Michael Perry, Ph.D. – Therapist, Encino, CA
Michael Riskin, Ph.D. – Riskin-Banker Psychology Center, Orange County, CA
Michelle Mills – Dancer, Writer
Mike Hunt, M.D.
Mike La Croix – Executive North, Conclave Convention, Chicago, IL
Milleman & Connie Dolin – Original Circles, Kent, WA
Millicent Buxton – Information Coordinator, Height Ashbury Training and
    Education Project
Mim Chapman, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Mina Robinson
Miriam Serman, M.A. – Tantra Teacher
Mistress Antoinette & Master Zorro – Publishers of Reflections and Kinky
Mistress Delilah Blaze – Professional Dominatrix
Mitch Kessler – The Utopian Network
Miyoko Fujimon – Author of  Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease
Moises Sztyluman – Licensed Massage Therapist
Monica Svoboda
Myrna Kokesch
Myron Orleans, Ph.D. – California State University, Fullerton, CA
Nancy Adler – Club Sensitivity, FL
Nancy Jo Silberman, Ph.D.
Nancy McCusker & David Coleman – Sex Counselors, Massage Practitioners
Nancy O’Connor, Ph.D. – University of Arizona, Tucson
Nancy Penafiel – Yoga Teacher
Nancy S. Ledins, Ph.D. – Director, The Alpha Gamma Project
Nathaniel Lande, Ph.D. – Producer, Director, Writer
Nena Roberts – Editor, Connection Magazines
Nicholas Delgado, Ph.D.  - Author
Nick Berar, B.A. – Personal Growth & Development seminar leader
Nick Delgado
Nick Giovanni
Nick Karras – Photographer
Nick Long – Publisher, S&L Company
Nicole Henderson – Publicist & Production Manager at Shane’s World
Nina Hartley, B.S., R.N. – Actress
Nola Geffner-Mihlsten – M.F.C.C.
Norma Cowie – Author of Tarot for Successful Living and So You Want to Change
    Your Life
Norma Jean Almodovar – Author Cop to Call Girl, Activist, Former Libertarian
    Candidate for California Lt. Governor 
Norman Casserly - Certified Licensed Registered Midwife, San Diego, CA
Norman Rockmael – Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA
Norman Scherzer, Ph.D.; Co-Editor, A Descriptive Dictionary and Atlas of
Nuit Hernandez  - Manager, The Lifestyles Organization, Puerto Vallarta, MX
Olga Cox, M.A. – Community College Teacher
Oona Mourier – Sex Therapist
Orv Fry, MS, MFT – Co-Director, Institute for Marital and Sexual Enrichment,
    Danville, CA
Orville Miller, Ph.D.
Parette Gsell
Pat Califia – Writer on S/M and Lesbian Sexuality
Pat Klar
Pat Nathe, Ph.D. – Department of Sociology, California State University,
Pat Powell – Marriage and family Therapist, Newport Beach, CA
Pat See Stephansen, Ph.D. – Chapman College, Orange, CA
Patricia Taylor, Ph.D. – Author, The Enchantment of Opposites: How to Create
    Great relationships
Patricia Thomas Crane – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Patrick Suraci, Ph.D.  - Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
Patti Huntsman – Writer
Patti Johnson – Bay City Socials, Oakland, CA
Patti Taylor, Ph.D.
Patti Thomas - Managing Editor, Connection Magazine
Paul & Layne Cutright – Secrets for Successful Relationships
Paul & Shirley Eberle
Paul Ash, Ph.D. – US Ltd.
Paul Bindrim, Ph.D. – Los Angeles, CA
Paul Gibbons
Paul Glassco – Co-Founder of IntiNet Resource center
Paul J. E. Breton – Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church
Paul Jackson
Paul Krassner - Satirist
Paul Miller (aka Don Crestle) - Writer
Paul Murray, JD – 1st Amendment Attorney, San Diego, CA
Paul Ramona Das Silbey – Tantra Teacher
Paulette VanLandingham – Sex Surrogate
PeeWee Syverson – Close Encounters, MS
Peter & Suzanne Heck - Publishers, Swing weekly; Authors, The Joys of Open
Peter Anderson, M.A., Ph.D. – Sex Educator, Counselor, Researcher and Author
Peter Langer, Ph.D. – Boston University
Peter W. Plumley, FSA  - Fellow & Executive Director of the Society of Actuaries
Phillip R. Kunz, Ph.D. – Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Poul & Judi Christensen – Sexual Freedom League, San Diego, CA
Presley Rose - Dancer
R. Michael Ferry, M.A. - Artist
R. Ted Barnes, Ph.D. – Coastline Community College, Fountain Valley, CA,
Rachael Paddock – Massage Therapist
Rachel Anderson, B.S., M.Ed.
Rajendra Srivastava, Ph.D. – Sex Therapist
Ray & Claire Nowland
Ray Engel – Ray Engel Productions, Hollywood, CA
Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. – Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality,
    San Francisco, CA
Raymond Powers – Certified Tantra Therapist
Reg A. Forder – Editor, Phoenix Profiles
Reg Sheldrick – Chancellor, Newport International University, Westminster, CA
Regina H. Kwnen, Ph.D. – Writer on Reproductive Technology
Regina Reinhardt, Ph.D.  – Coordinator for the Bisexual Forum, San Diego
Regina Uzun – Co-owner, Maihof Swing Resort, Maihof, Germany
Rene DeKnight – Androgeny Research Institute, Los Angeles; former Pianist for
    Delta Rhythm Boys, Est Seminar Leader
Renee M. Namaste, Ph.D. – Founder and Director of the Association of
    Renaissance Creators
Rev. J. E. Breton -  Hermosa Beach, CA
Ric & Cindy Alderson – Omnific Designs West, Publishers of Loving Alternatives
Richard Conner, Ph.D. – Founder of Intimacy Moves seminar series
Richard Hopwood, Rev. – Self Image Enhancement, HUNA (Ancient Hawaiian Living
    Together in Harmony)
Richard Lariviere – President & Director of World naturist Network
Richard Peacock – Associate Professor
Richard R. MacDonald – Western Michigan University
Richard Reid
Richard Ulrich, Ph.D. – California State University, Fullerton, CA
Richard Williams – Compatibility/S.P.A., Santa Ana, CA
Richard Woods – Author, Unlearn: Because Life Can Make You Stupid
Rick & Carol Truitt – Rick is a Pastor of a Mainline Protestant Church, Carol
    is a Certified Social Worker
Rick Brown – Hypnotist, Author The Reincarnation of James, Radio Talk Show Host
Rick Connor, Ph.D. – Founder, Intimacy Moves
Rick Joyce – Host of K-WINK’s 670 A.M. show Morning Magazine, Los Angeles
Rick Macauley - Author
Riki Anne Wilchins – Lesbian Transexual
Robert Adler, J.D. - Club Sensitivity, FL; writer for NASCA’s Club to Club
Robert B. Davies – Hypnotist
Robert Band, M.A.
Robert Berend, Ph.D. Cand., IASHU
Robert Burke, Esq. – President of UCLA School of Law Board of Directors
Robert Davies – Hypnotist and Magician
Robert Jackson – President, Deep River Media
Robert L. Smith – Co-author, The Liberated Couple: Seeking Equality and Balance
    of Power in the Intimate Relationship
Robert Libby, Ph.D. 
Robert McGinley, Ph.D.  - President, The Lifestyles Organization, Founder NASCA
    International, CEO Lifestyles Tours & Travel
Robert Morgan – Board of Advisors, San Francisco Sex Information
Robert N. Whitehurst, Ph.D.  - University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Robert Renouf – Human Relations Institute
Robert Rimmer - Author, Quincy, MA, The Harrad Experiment, Proposition 31
Robert Rossi, M.A., LSW  - Therapist
Robert Rubel – Editor, Power Exchange Magazine
Robert S. Elwood – Faculty, School of Religion, University of Southern
Robert Sandhoff – Bob & Lise Parties, Orange, CA
Robert Stivers, M.A.
Robert Ward – Sherman Oaks, CA
Robert Welder – Samagatuma Nudist resort, Ramona, CA
Roberta Johnson, Esq. – Part time Judge, Founding Mother of the California
    Administrative Law College
Roberta Lilly – Triad with Nina Hartley & husband Dave
Robin Maiwald – Miss Nude galaxy ‘79
Robin Taylor, Ph.D.
Robley E. George – Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Manhattan
    Beach, CA
Robyn DeVal, Ph.D. – Tampa, FL
Robyn Zeiger, Ph.D.
Roger Libby, Ph.D. – Co-author Sexual Choices
Roger Straus, Ph.D. – Clinical Sociologist
Ron & Sue Gould – Club Adventure, Chicago, IL
Ron & Wendy Michaels – Club Eros, Toronto
Ron Clarke – Massage Instructor
Ron Garst - Writer
Ron Healy, Ph.D. – City University, NY Author of Tolerance of Ambiguity and
    Human Sexuality 
Ron Jeremy, M.A. – Adult Porn Actor
Ron Reifler – Singer of Songs, Teller of Tales
Ron Rodriguez, M.D.
Ron Weisner – The Ranch, Sunland, CA
Ronald E. Anderson, Ph.D. – University of Minnesota
Ronda Heard, M.S.W.
Ronwixziv Barreiro – Psychic Consultant
Ross Velton - Travel Writer
Roy Ward
Rudy & Kat Stowell  – The Bicycle Club
Russ Parks - Comedian
Ruth Porte, B.A.
Ruth Pregent, LVN
Ruth Underman, M.A., M.S.W., A.C.S.W. - Therapist
S. Bill
S. Jay Walker – Dartmouth College
Sabrina Aset, M.S. – High Priestess, Church of the Most High Giddess
Sally Ryland
Sam Klaif - Kerista Village, San Francisco
Sandi Wallace
Sandra Reishus – Founder of YMOW (Younger Men/Older Women)
Sandstone Staff
Scott & Kelley Ferree
Scott Bogunia
Scott Longwell – Director, WholeBody Wisdom
Shama - Hypnotist
Shannon Colestock, M.Ed.
Sharon Raphael, Ph.D. – California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
Shawn Frances Lee – Pole Dance Instructor
Shawna Delgado – growyoungandslim.com
Sheldon Ginerich, M.D.
Shell Kugler – Sex Surrogate; Barry & Shell’s, Oakland, CA
Shelly Farber - Feminist Woman’s Health Center, Los Angeles
Sherry Lynesther – Intern with the Human Awareness Institute
Sheryl Aronson, M.F.C.C. – Excellence Unlimited
Shirley N. Weber – San Diego State University
Shirley Sez – Apple Valley Socials, Boise, ID
Shirley Williams – Fantasy North, Boise, ID
Silas B. Coley, M.D.
Sir Tristan-Tyler, M.A. – Tristan-Tyler Gold Works
Siri Mishler – Radix Institute, Santa Monica, CA
Sol Martes - Financial Consultant & Medical researcher
Somraj Dhyan – Co-director Tantra-At-Tahoe
Somraj Pokras – Author
Sondra Ray, M.A. – Founder, Loving Relations Training
Stan Chalson, Esq. - Photographer
Stan Dale, Ph.D. – Founder of The Human Awareness Institute, Author Fantasies
    Can Set You Free 
Stanley Fleishman, Esq  - Beverly Hills, CA
Stanley Kossoff – Certifies Clinical Hypnotherapist
Stanley Ralph Ross, Ph.D. – Writer, Producer, Actor, Director Television Movies
Stanley W. Caplan, Ph.D. – La Mesa Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM
Stephanie Wadell, M.A.
Stephen James - Astrologer
Stephen Keith Toby, M.A. – Reiki Therapist
Stephen Mason, Ph.D. – Host, Mind of Man radio talk show; Board of Advisors,
    The Lifestyles Organization
Stephen Tobey, M.A. Reiki Therapist
Steve Dain, Ph.D. Cand. – Female to Male Transsexual
Steve Leach – Writer, Artist & Shaman
Steve Young, B.A. - Writer
Steven Herbets, M.D. – Family and Internal Medicine
Steven Vogue, Doctor of Chiropractic
Stewart B. Whitney – Professor of Sociology, Niagara University
Stu & Claire Lichter
Stuart Bloch, MSW  - The Institute for Sexual Awareness, NJ
Sue & Ron Gould – Club Adventure, Inc., Chicago,IL
Sunny Conway – Owner of Pleasure Boutique
Sunny Summers, Ph.D.  – Counselor; Evening of Caressive Intimacy, a creation
    of the Lifestyles Convention
Susan Block, Ph.D. – The Susan Block Show
Susan Quinn, M.A. – Carlson Learning Companies Associate
Susan S. Friedman, Ph.D. – Writer of the Aged and their Lifestyles
Suzanne Fitzsimmons – Club Owner
Suzanne Sala
Sylvia Runkle, M.A. – Communications Instructor; Owner of a Vintage Clothing
    and Costume Shop
Sym Klaif – Kerista Village, San Francisco, CA
T. Capshaw, Ph.D.
T. Nicholas Tormey – Psychotherapist, Des Moines, IA
T.L. & Susie Wahl – Videographer
Ted Barnes, Ph.L.
Ted Marshall, Ph.D.
Ted Roland - Los Angeles, CA
Ted Weis
Terri Starrett, B.S.
Terri Wilks
Terry Gould – Investigative Journalist, Author, The Lifestyle: A Look at the
    Sexual Rites of Swingers
Terry Hopwood, B.A., RH, HEC - Director of Success Center, Van Nuys, CA
Terry Smith Hatkoff, Ph.D. – California State University, Northridge
Theresa Reed, R.N.
Thom Reger – Managing Editor, Swinger Update
Thomas Clary, Oh.D., Th.D. – Presiding Bishop, The Free Catholic Church
Thomas Lasswell – University of Southern California
Thomas Matola, Ph.D.
Thomas Robischon – Writer; Antioch College, West Los Angeles
Thomas S. Weinberg, Ph.D. - Professor of Sociology at University College
Threshold - S&M Social & Educational Club, Los Angeles, CA
Threshold – S&M Social and Educational Club, Los Angeles
Tim Toohey, B.A. – Director of the Creative Centre Institute
Tom Kilfoyle – Hollywood, CA
Tom Matola
Tony Galie, M.A. – Psychotherapist, Author
Tracy Cabot – Author, The Parkhursts, Inside the Cults and How to Make a Man
    Fall in Love With You
Tree Stevens – Health Maintenance
Tri Rust - Businessman
Trisha A. Barnett - Writer and Poet
Uri Peles, M.D. – Beverly Hills Center for Sexual Medicine
V. J. and V. K. Brandenburg
Vajay Adalbert – Andrew Clinic, New York City
Valerie White – Member Coordinating Council, Family Tree
Valri Jean Swift – President of IPSA (International Professional Surrogate
Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D. – California State University, Northridge, CA
Verna Betts Nelson – Mills College in Oakland, CA
Victor Gold, M.A. – Sacred Space Institute
Victoria Hart - Writer
Virginia Bruce – Los Angeles
Virginia Prince, Ph.D. – Chevalier Publications, Los Angeles, CA
Walt & Ruth Green – Swing Club Owners in No. Dakota, Tennessee, Texas
Walt Zadanoff – Director, Western Sunbathing Association
Walter Urban, Ph.D.
Warren Farrell, Ph.D. – Author, The Myth of Male Power, and Why Men Are The
    Way They Are
Way Konigsberg - Kerista Village, San Francisco
Wayne Cooper, Ph.D.  - Consulting Engineer
Wayne S. Wooden, Ph.D.  - California State University, Long Beach, CA
Will Jarvis – Writer, Producer, Director & Performer in Adult Movies
Will Mahoney, M.A. – Editor of Odyssey and Odyssey Express
William F. Hewitt, Ph.D. – Words, Inc., Whittier, CA
William F. Stelzer – Chicago, IL
William Florian – Performer, Singer & Songwriter
William Hartman, Ph.D. – Center for Marital and Sexual Research, Long Beach, CA
William Henry Jarvis
William Herron, Ph.D. – St. John’s University, NY
William J. Metzger, Ph.D. – Meadville Theological School, Waukesha, WI
William Margold – Director, Actor, Agent in adult entertainment industry
William Sparks, Ph.D.
William Stanlet, M.D.
Wolfgang Sander - Maihof Swing Resort, Maihof, Germany
Yvonne Hays - Public Health Microbiologist
Zev Wanderer, Ph.D. - Marina Del Rey, CA
Zina Quigley – Certified Image Consultant